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HACON cruise report

The cruise report from the 2021 cruise to the Aurora vents is ready! Cruise report HACON19    

Deep vents under ice: the story of a successful cruise

It has been 2 weeks since we came back from our cruise to the Gakkel ridge and finally we are catching up with everything that was put on hold for 4 weeks. During the cruise, we were away from mobile phone range and the… Continue Reading “Deep vents under ice: the story of a successful cruise”

Melding til Billingstad skole fra Aurora!

10 October 2019 – 82° 53’N, 06° 15’W Last year, the kids in the 3rd grade at Billingstad school (Norway) learnt about the Dumbo octopus. The beautiful drawings they made can be seen in the HACON “Outreach” web page. Just before we left for the… Continue Reading “Melding til Billingstad skole fra Aurora!”

What happens after work?

8 October – 82° 53’N, 06° 15’W Life on board is mostly about doing science, but a month on board cannot be just work. Both scientists and crew members need to rest and enjoy their free time. One of the highlights every day on board… Continue Reading “What happens after work?”

Finding a needle in a haystack

03 October – 82° 53’N 13:37 on board Kronprins Haakon over the Gakkel Ridge. Today, the ice drift is collaborating with us and with some calculations and good planning from the bridge, we deploy OFOBS (Ocean Floor Observation Bathymetry System) for video and bathymetry… Continue Reading “Finding a needle in a haystack”