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First samples from the Aurora seamount

We have been in the area of the Aurora seamount for 3 days and the different teams have started working and getting samples. Working under ice is very different from working in open water. We are at the mercy of the ice drift and… Continue Reading “First samples from the Aurora seamount”

“Can you tell me how you think the world will look like in 50-70 years’ time?”

28 September – 82° 41’N, 7° 02’W By Giuliana Panieri During the HACON cruise, in addition to my scientific task which is to investigate foraminifera and their intimate relationship with microbes living at Aurora, I have been given a task from my daughter Carolina:… Continue Reading ““Can you tell me how you think the world will look like in 50-70 years’ time?””

One Bear, Two Bears

  27 September – 81° 45’N, 6° 34’W The phone rings. It’s just about 11pm. “Get up here, there’s a bear.” It’s Kevin Hand, calling from the ship’s observation deck. Six decks below, I’m just snuggling in for the night. “Seriously?!” I asked. (Hand,… Continue Reading “One Bear, Two Bears”

Our slow but magic progress towards Aurora

26 September – 82° 13’N, 5° 07W It has been 3 days since we left Longyearbyen and we are slowly making progress through a maze of ice floes, big and small, some pushing against each other making dramatic pressure ridges that block our way,… Continue Reading “Our slow but magic progress towards Aurora”

Moorings on the ice edge

21 September 2019 – 81°N The first days of the cruise have been dedicated to the recovery of moorings for colleagues at the Uni. Bergen and other research groups. The moorings have been collecting data for 1 year and many people are eager to… Continue Reading “Moorings on the ice edge”