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Sea ice is startlingly captivating

23 September 2019 – 81°N On Saturday, we woke to the Kronprins Haakon smoothly parting a frozen ocean, a process that – from our cabin on deck three, just above the sea — sounded like an oversized spoon being pushed through a planetary-scale slushie. For… Continue Reading “Sea ice is startlingly captivating”

Ready, steady, go!

19 September Today all the boxes and equipment were brought on board and the different teams were busy unpacking boxes and setting up labs. And finally, at 22:00 we said good bye to Longyearbyen! Before we start our HACON adventures exploring abyssal hydrothermal vents… Continue Reading “Ready, steady, go!”

Getting ready for work under and on the ice!

The NUI team has been busy today, starting to get NUI ready for the cruise, both in the hangar where NUI will be based and in the control room. It is from the control room that NUI will be piloted. It is also from… Continue Reading “Getting ready for work under and on the ice!”

In Longyearbyen

Photo: arriving to Svalbard for the HACON cruise. Most of the HACON team is already in this amazing part of the world, preparing for the HACON cruise. The hybrid ROV/AUV NUI is by the R/V Kronprisn Haakon and the NUI team from WHOI have been… Continue Reading “In Longyearbyen”

The count down has started!

7 days until many of the HACON cruise participants meet in Longyearbyen! 9 days until we sail on board R/V Kronprins Haakong to the Gakkel Ridge! The way to Aurora. Photo: C. German, WHOI. Our team of 37 geologists, geochemists, physical oceanographers, micropaleontologists, microbiologists,… Continue Reading “The count down has started!”